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Student Health and Wellness

Faculty Wellness Partners for SAS Graduate Students

SAS is pleased to announce the creation of Faculty Wellness Partners for Graduate Students—a new program that provides graduate students with the opportunity to meet privately with select faculty members who have been trained to discuss the particular challenges of graduate school and to refer students to Penn’s many wellness resources.

Faculty Wellness Partners are available to provide a sounding board for graduate students as they navigate relationships with advisors, issues within departments or labs, and a range of other concerns about graduate school life. They can offer support with the challenges of conducting research, time-management, balancing expectations, optimizing work/life balance, and problem-solving. Faculty Wellness Partners will be available to provide guidance for SAS students as they negotiate their academic and professional careers. Typically, we will meet with students from 1-3 times, for 30 minutes each.

These faculty members do not take the place of primary advisors nor are they professional counselors, but they are caring, knowledgeable and trained to support students and refer them to appropriate resources on campus when needed.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, see here


Office of Student Disabilities Services 

The Weingarten Center provides services for students who self-identify with a disability in order to ensure equal access to all University programs, activities, and services. The process begins when a student requests an accommodation, provides documentation of their condition, and meets with a Disability Specialist. Students who receive accommodations work with the Disability Services staff to coordinate their academic accommodations as well as accessible housing, dining, communication, and technology. Through ongoing collaboration with the Weingarten Center, students learn to identify and utilize individualized accommodations and strategies that support their full participation in university life.