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Hyde Visitors

Every spring, the Graduate Group in Ancient History at Penn hosts a week-long visit by a distinguished ancient historian, made possible by a gift by Walter Woodburn Hyde (1870-1966, Professor of Greek and Ancient History at Penn 1910-1940). During their stay, the Hyde Visitor teaches several graduate seminars, meets with graduate students individually and in smaller groups, and delivers the formal Hyde Lecture.  


Previous Hyde Visitor

2000    Elizabeth Meyer                                  

2001    Irad Malkin                                            

2003    Susan Alcock                                         

2004    Nicholas Coldstream                             

2005    Nicholas Jones                                                                     

2006    Gary Reger                                           

2007    Joe Manning                                          

2008    Himanshu Prabha Ray                          

2009    Jonathan Hall                                        

2010    Erich Gruen                                          

2011    T.P. Wiseman

2012    Walter Scheidel 

2013    John Bodel 

2014    Amélie Kuhrt

2015    Margie Miles

2016    Jonathan Edmondson

2017    Brent Shaw

2018    Susanna Elm

2019    Emma Dench

2020/21  Sheila Ager

2022    Catherine Morgan

2023    John Ma

2024    Lin Foxhall