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Dissertations 1991-2010


Leslie Kelly

Identity and Cult in Roman Imperial Athens


Jeremy Labuff

Karian Sympoliteiai: Causes and Implications of Political Merger at the Periphery of the Greek World



Amanda Coles

Not Effigies Parvae Populi Romani: Gods, Agency, and Landscape in Mid-Republican Colonization


Bryan Hudak

The Histories of Ephorus


Kathryn Milne

The Republican Soldier: Historiographical Representations and Human Realities



Trevor Luke

Presence, Prophecy, and Power in the Early Roman Empire



Christopher Baron

Timaios of Tauromenion: A Case Study in Hellenistic Historiography



Danielle Kellogg

The Attic Deme of Acharnai: History and Identity



Andrew Gallia

Remembering the Roman Republic: A.D. 68-117


Eric Kondratieff

Popular Power in Action: Tribunes of the Plebs in the Later Republic



Atsuko Hattori

Texts and Impressions: A Holistic Approach to UR III Cuneiform Tablets from the University of Pennsylvania Expeditions to Nippur


Kyra Nourse

Women and the Early Development of Royal Power in the Hellenistic East


Alexander Thein

Sulla's Public Image and the Politics of Civic Renewal



Kellee Barnard

Transition, Production and Standardization in Minoan Ceramics: A View from Neopalatial Mochlos


Carlos Noreña

The Civic Ideology of the Roman Emperor: Representation and Communication


Elizabeth Pollard

Magic Accusations Against Women in the Greco-Roman World from the First Through the Fifth Centuries C.E.



Stephanie Budin

The Origins of Aphrodite



Philip Kaplan

Multiple Geographies: The Greek View of Asia in the Archaic Period



Eric Huntsman

The Family and Property of Livia Drusilla


Scott Rusch

Poliorcetic Assault in the Peloponnesian War


Matthew Waters

A Survey of Neo-Elamite History



Ellen Millender

The Teacher of Hellas: Athenian Democratic Ideology and the Barbarization of Sparta in Fifth-Century Greek Thought



Denise Doxey

A Social and Historical analysis of Egyptian, Non-Royal Epithets in the Middle Kindom


John Lott

The Earliest Use of the Divine Epithet Augustus, 27 BCE-37 CE: Dynastic Names and Religion in the Augustan Principate



Judith Bjorkman

Hoards And Deposits In Bronze Age Mesopotamia


Rob Rice

The Rhodian Navy: The Proper Application of Limited Force


Eric Robinson

Early Greek Democracies Outside Athens


Nancy Skon-Jedele

Aigyptiaka: A Catalogue of Egyptian and Egyptianizing Objects Excavated from Greek Archaeological Sites, CA.  1100-525 B.C., with Historical Commentary



Linda Bregstein

Seal Use in Fifth Century B. C. Nippur, Iraq: A Study of Seal Selection and Sealing Practices in the Murashu Archive


Harriet Flower

Imagines Maiorum: Ancestral Masks As Symbols Of Ideology And Power.


Francis Ryan

Precedence in the Republican Senate



Michael Arnush

The Chronology of Delphi In The Late Fourth And Early Third Centuries B.C.: An Epigraphic And Historical Analysis


Eric Cline

Orientalia in the Late Bronze Age Aegean: A Catalog and Analysis of Trade and Contracts Between the Aegean and Egypt, Anatolia and the Near East


Susan Elwyn

The Use Of Kinship Terminology In Hellenistic Diplomatic Documents: An Epigraphical Study


Tammi Schneider

A New Analysis Of The Royal Annals Of Shalmaneser III